The Value of Testing Certifications - A Perspective

Brijesh Deb
3 min readApr 24, 2024

Are you thinking about getting a software testing certification? It’s quite common for a lot of testers. I went down that path too. Let’s not get into the technical nitty gritty and see if certifications are really worth it

Why do we as testers want to get certified?

Certifications are like shiny badges that say, “I’m an accomplished tester!” They claim to validate your grasp of industry-standard testing methods, something employers value. Plus, studying for those exams seem to be a great way to learn new things and refresh your knowledge.

Why Employers Like Certified Testers (Sort Of)?

For employers, certifications are a shortcut to assess a candidate’s skills during the hiring scramble. It’s a way to say, “This person at least understands the testing basics and speaks the lingo.” In some fields, certifications might even be mandatory. They often view them as a form of standardization. This is a way of positioning them as having a strong workforce with a particular skill set. But here’s the catch…

The Not-So-Secret Secret About Certifications

Certifications can be a bit like textbooks — heavy on theory, light on the real-world challenges you’ll face on the job. A lot of certification programs offer a certification after a short 3 days course which is sometimes a lot of theory and very little practice. A certificate quite often does not accurately indicate your actual skill level.The tech world moves fast, and certifications often struggle to keep pace. On top of that, they can be expensive, and the knowledge you gain might not translate directly to a bigger paycheck.

So, What Can You Do Instead? Building Your Testing Arsenal

There are other ways to show your testing prowess that employers crave:

  • Get more hands on: Real-world experience cannot be replaced. Engage in practical testing assignments, address real challenges, and develop the ability to adjust quickly. That expertise is what lands you a job!
  • Build Your Case: Instead of hanging a certificate in your office, display your testing portfolio. This way, you can demonstrate the challenges you have faced, the solutions you found and even what you achieved. A brag book is what reveals who you really are skill-wise.
  • Never Stop Learning: The world of technology is constantly changing. Stay updated on this industry’s developments by taking online courses, attending workshops and being part of industry conferences. Those resources will give you the most current practical knowledge that is necessary for your success.

The Bottom Line

Testing Certifications can be a good starting point; in case one is just beginning their career in this field. Some employers use certifications as a filter but they are not everything. Concentrate on building real experience, develop an amazing portfolio and commit yourself to constant learning. These are some of the factors that will make all the difference today in the tech world.

The Choice is Yours

Are certifications worth it? It depends on where you are in your career and what your goals are. If you’re new to testing, certifications can help you get through that door. If you have experience, then the knowledge that you gain through studying for that certification can be complementary to what you already know and it will only make you better. Don’t stop at just getting the certificate though! There’s a lot more to your career. Seek out real-world experiences and projects that showcase your skills best through building up such portfolios strong enough to withstand scrutiny when exhibited. Bear in mind however that adaptability and realism come above everything else when dealing with technology since change here comes faster than anywhere else.



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